Are You in Denial About Your Aging Parents?

Have your aging parents…

  • Experienced a fall? (Most times, when a fall comes to your attention it isn’t the first one.) Or, had unexplained injuries and bruising?
  • Decreased activity, withdrawn from social activities? Does he/she appear fearful of going out or participating in regular activities or exercise?
  • Exhibited forgetfulness or memory loss? They may try to cover this up, but you might spot difficulties managing bills or regular tasks, repeating questions, forgetting words, or letting another person speak on their behalf.
  • Neglected personal hygiene or household duties? Look for subtle signs in personal appearance and the home.
  • Changed eating habits? Lost significant weight? Started eating mainly snacks or convenience foods, eating less, hoarding items or keeping expired/spoiled food?
  • Missed appointments or not filled prescriptions?
  • Made unusual purchases or decisions that seem uncharacteristic or in bad judgment?
  • Shown signs of depression and loneliness?

What to Do

1. Have a series of conversations with your aging parents.

2. Get a professional opinion.

3. Set up a plan for monitoring and ongoing evaluation.

4. Arm yourself with knowledge and do what you can to prepare.

Want to be prepared?



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