Discover the Fortune That Hides in Caregiving

Relationship/Familial Benefits

A Caregiver’s Story:

Can Caregiving Actually Improve Health?

Tips to Unlock the Fortune in Caregiving

  1. Don’t do it alone. Build a “care team” with family members, community, and professionals. Social support serves as a buffer for caregiving stress. Those with greater social support have a more positive caregiving experience.
  2. Communication is key. As you begin caregiving (or, preferably, before), talk about expectations and options. Discuss with family members. Plan a family meeting with a care manager. It helps to have a neutral (and experienced) party’s guidance.
  3. Deal with resentments and emotions early. If you have a complicated history, talk to a professional before delving into the complexities of caregiving. When you feel resentments building or are struggling, consider a support group. Schedule a regular check-in session with a counselor or care manager.
  4. Preserve your role as son, daughter, spouse, parent. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment. To do so, bring in help with some tasks. Many families find personal care assistance invaluable. You can maintain healthy boundaries this way. And, caregivers trained in lifting and transferring know how to avoid injuries. They can model techniques for you to use as well. Protect your health for the long-term good of your care recipient.
  5. Use respite care for a refresh. You’re a better caregiver when you can get a break. You need to take care of your own health and happiness. Respite helps maintain a positive outlook when caregiving. Without a break, you’re more likely to feel the strains, not the gains.



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