Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

Evidence: Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

  1. A large study of over 3,000 home health care patients with COPD or CHF: remote patient monitoring and technology-enabled care paths reduced patients’ readmission rate 15% with $175K month average cost savings.
  2. A remote patient monitoring and telehealth program for diabetes resulted in 18% improvement
    in patient care plan compliance and 50% less crisis-driven visits.
  3. A literature review of studies done from 2000–2018 on remote patient monitoring effectiveness concluded telemonitoring appears to maximize patient care and effectiveness of treatment.
  4. Another study of high-quality remote patient monitoring research, showed that remote patient monitoring showed promise in improving outcomes for patients with conditions such as obstructive pulmonary disease, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, and low back pain.
  5. Many studies also show benefits such as better access to care (especially relevant to older adults); improved quality of care; peace of mind; improved support, education and feedback.

Usefulness: What Problems Does Remote Patient Monitoring Solve?

Problem: patient compliance, ability to follow up and manage treatment in a real life scenario

Problem: providers often can’t see what is really happening to make better treatment decisions and improve care. They have a limited window when the patient is visiting them or in the hospital, not knowing what factors may be affecting treatment.

Problem: an issue that could be addressed turns into a crisis

So, when might your loved one need remote patient monitoring?

  • Upon returning home from the hospital
  • If they have conditions like COPD, CHF, Parkinson’s, or high blood pressure/cardiac issues
  • The doctor has asked you to track vital signs or you’ve had multiple hospitalizations/emergencies
  • When they’re experiencing cognitive problems (Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia, mild cognitive impairment) and need to take medications or follow treatment plans
  • There are signs of difficulty managing medications or they take multiple medications or meds that need to be adjusted frequently
  • Anytime there’s a history or high-risk of falling (contact us for a free fall risk assessment)

User Experience: How Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

  • Custom, tailored-to-you assessments to spot issues before they spiral into larger problems.
  • Manual or digital tracking of key vitals to prevent health deterioration and hospitalizations.



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