Five Reasons Fall Prevention is the Only Aging Tip That Matters

Five Reasons Fall Prevention is the Key to Aging Wisely

1. Falls are the #1 cause of injury in older adults. Therefore, they are the most likely thing to derail your plans and spur on decline.

  • Physical: fractures, disability, pain, and reduced functioning (ability to perform activities of daily living, mobility).
  • Social: increased financial burden, disruption to daily routine, isolation/loss of social contacts.
  • Psychological: stress due to uncertainties and inability to live independently, fear of falling, loss of self-esteem.

2. Fall prevention can keep you out of a care facility.

3. Falls are one of the most preventable problems that come with aging. Therefore, simple fall prevention steps can have a significant impact on quality of life, costs and more.

4. Falls affect all seniors, regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and other health conditions.

5. Fall prevention intersects with many other “aging tips” — it is all about good health and overall wellness.



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