From Stressed Out Caregivers to Happy Family Again

Becoming Caregivers: “The Call”

Finding the Right Solutions in a Crisis

But Will My Loved Ones Accept My “Right Solution”?

Objection #1: Entertaining Caregivers

Objection #2: Having a Stranger in the Home

Objection #3: Cost of Caregivers

  1. Introduce your loved one to a few hours of home care/week to assist with the basics of cleaning, laundry, changing the bed, and cooking a meal.
  2. Supplement family caregiving with respite care from time to time. This provides socialization for your loved one and gives the full-time caregiver some downtime. It also gets everyone accustomed to respite caregivers. This means you know where to turn in a crisis and don’t start off in a panic like I did.
  3. Personal hygiene is a tough thing to need help with, especially having our son or daughter see us naked and all the related dignity issues. Introduce a professional caregiver, much like hospital care, to assist with bathing, hair washing, and other personal grooming that will enable the client to feel better about themselves.
  4. Talk to the home care company about the most effective way to use time. A good assessment can determine where (and when) clients need the most help. The care plan can ensure time is well-spent, maximizing bang for your buck.
  5. Work with a home care company that can help put your long-term care insurance to work for you. At EasyLiving, we help clients understand the elimination period and level of care requirements. We help negotiate to obtain the coverage needed.



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