Seven Ways Mom is Denying She Can’t Drive Anymore: Senior Drivers and Safety

Concerns about Senior Drivers: Is Mom in Denial? Are You?

Here are seven common ways we see senior drivers denying that they can’t drive anymore:

1. Mom gets lost or turned around on familiar routes.

2. You notice scratches or dents on the car. Or, the bumper shows telltale signs.

3. Mom limits her driving. For example, she never drives after dark or only within her town.

4. Senior drivers who drive much slower than normal traffic may be fearful.

5. Mom has certain medical conditions or impairments.

6. Your loved one has trouble remembering or completing multi-step tasks.

7. They’ve had several “fender benders” but they blame other drivers, traffic conditions, or minimize the issue.

Are Senior Drivers a Danger?

What Can You Do to Determine if a Senior Driver Is Safe?

Should your parent still be driving?



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