The Leading Causes of Death in 65+ Year-Olds Might Surprise You

#1: Heart Disease

What can you do?

What can we do?

#2: Cancer

Get help from a home care company like EasyLiving with:

  • Support during cancer treatment: driving you to appointments, taking care of you when suffering from side effects, monitoring reactions and contacting your health professionals, ensuring safety when you’re weak, providing hydration and nutritious food that’s easy on your stomach
  • Medication management (especially important with complex/new routines)
  • Patient advocacy: helping you find the best providers, researching treatment options, attending appointments, helping prepare questions and summaries for medical visits, communicating with family members, etc.

#3: Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

Managing Chronic Respiratory Disease to Avoid Unnecessary Crises and Death

#4 Cerebrovascular Disease

#5 Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain Health and Memory Care

Additional Surprised on the List

Diabetes Management




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