This is What Great Home Care Services Look Like

Picture this…

Mom hasn’t had an emergency in months. This after months of being a regular at the local hospital for everything from UTIs and dehydration to bowel obstructions and falls.

What Great Home Care Services Look Like

We hired home care services for Mom and everything they did in their process helped achieve these results. I’ve had friends who did not have the same experience or get the same results with their home care services. We didn’t have a completely smooth experience. Things will happen. Eldercare, especially in someone’s home, is very personal. Mom had to adjust. Caregivers occasionally made a mistake or there was a small miscommunication with the company. But, here’s what I think made the situation so successful. This is what great home care services look like to me. And, the results speak for themselves.

Setting Expectations

EasyLiving was all about thorough communication and setting expectations with us (and their caregivers). They understood this was all new to us and took into account common questions and concerns. Additionally, they realize that each new client is a new situation for their caregivers. It seems they’ve built their process with this understanding. They want to equip everyone with the information they need so things go as well as possible.

Home Care Environment

One area where they helped set expectations and share education with us was the home environment. They seemed to really care about what their caregivers were walking into. Not having done this before, we didn’t know what to expect or things to consider. Mom has a small dog, for example. They asked us about this in the intake process. And, they talked to us about carefully introducing her to the caregiver. So Mom knew to keep her in another room when the caregiver first came. And, they made sure the caregiver who came was aware there was a dog. Even though Mom’s dog has never bitten anyone, I know many people are leary of dogs. And, you never know how the dog will react to a new person.

Care Planning

The other thing that EasyLiving did that put us at ease was developing the care plan. They started with a questionnaire which asked about Mom’s background, habits and preferences. Their team did what I assume is common among home care providers in finding out care needs and tasks. But, their care plan went well beyond that. When they say it’s a personalized care plan, they really mean it. They wanted to know not only what Mom needed, but wanted.

Training and Refining

When I asked about caregiver training, EasyLiving shared the specific training modules their caregivers receive. It was the first time I got a transparent answer about this. When I’d been asking around, other home care services simply explained the caregivers had certain licenses or “are trained”.

Soliciting and Using Feedback

As I mentioned, everything wasn’t perfect. But, what I appreciated most was the way they proactively solicited feedback. We got a call (and I learned later, apparently the caregiver does too) shortly after the first shift. They didn’t put the burden on us to call and complain or ask for something. We had a couple ideas for the care plan from that first visit, and they made the changes.