What Everyone Ought to Know about Visiting an ALF

When to Visit: Staffing and How an ALF Functions

Check out 10 Ways Home Caregivers Can Improve Your ALF Experience

Who to Talk To: Key ALF Staff

Care Plan Meetings and Addressing ALF Complaints

How to Review the Chart

Visit Checklist

  • Chart review: Any changes? Is the contact information correct/up-to-date? Does the chart have the correct vital information, such as allergies, listed? Any upcoming appointments? Notes about any concerns or changes in your loved one?
  • Medications: Are medications being given as prescribed? Are meds being refilled on time? Have they noted any side effects? Any recent changes to medications?
  • Diet: Is your loved one eating well? Visit during mealtime to observe. Look at the quality of meals and the dining environment. Talk to the kitchen staff. Check your parent’s weight.
  • Hygiene: Does your loved one appear clean and well-groomed? Do you smell any odor? How often are they bathing or getting help with a shower? Do you notice any incontinence or toileting issues? Are they getting to the hairdresser (on site or off) as needed?
  • Room: Is the room tidy and clean? Is there clutter? Safety issues or tripping hazards? Does the room have an unpleasant odor? (You should also observe public areas for cleanliness and safety.)
  • Appointments and follow-up: Are there any upcoming appointments? Have the arrangements been made? Do you need to schedule an appointment/arrange transportation? Does staff need to follow up on anything for you? Do you need to arrange any meetings/chat with any staff?
  • Don’t forget to enjoy some time together just chatting, reminiscing, or sharing a snack.



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