What No One Really Tells You About Getting Older

Getting older can be tough. Our choices catch up with us.

You have control over more than you think.

Here are our top steps to take (along with tips and resources) for getting older gracefully:

  1. Stay socially engaged and active. Embrace opportunities to volunteer, take a class or try a new hobby (or rekindle an old one). Spend time with friends and loved ones…time that has probably been limited by competing demands until now. Or, start a new business or pursue a lifelong dream. Did you know that over the past decade, the most common age for an entrepreneur in the U.S. is between 55 and 64?
  2. Feed your body what it needs. You can find some services/resources that make it easier to eat well as you get older here.
  3. Incorporate physical activity into your daily life. Do things you enjoy. Consult with professionals if you have pain or injuries. A good physical therapist or knowledgeable trainer can develop exercises that address your weaknesses and accommodate your problem areas.
  4. Be proactive with your healthcare and seek preventative care. Hire a care manager to organize your health records and create a healthcare action plan. Your care manager can be a liaison with various providers and help make sure your treatment plans fit your wishes. They can also ensure you have regular medication reviews to minimize unnecessary use of medications and interactions.
  5. Plan and prepare. Do advance care planning. Get your estate planning organized. Talk to a financial advisor. Understand typical costs associated with aging. Make sure your insurance coverage fits your needs. These might be the less desirable tasks related to getting older. But, they’re necessary. Not making plans can be disastrous for you or those you love. Consider seeking a comprehensive aging life care assessment to understand the steps you need to take and any gaps. Planning affords you choices.

Getting older is full of positive things too.

Let us help you create an action plan for positive aging.



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